Evaluation & Management Services

The Treasure Coast Institute for Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy provides full evaluation and management of menopausal and andropausal endocrine disorders. We draw baseline laboratory work to determine which hormones a patient is deficient in, and then contingent upon these results, we provide computer algorithm determined dosages of hormone replacement, for both female and male patients. We have a full consultation involving a physical exam, and discussion of pros, cons, risk, benefits, side effects, and alternatives to conventional hormone replacement therapy. We provide the latest in Hormone Pellet technology. Repeat laboratory work is performed in four weeks on females, and in 6 weeks on males, to monitor clinical outcomes. The Treasure Coast Institute for Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy uses exclusively the very highest quality of hormone pellets from Anazao Pharmaceuticals, utilizing BioTE technology. We then optimize your thyroid function with bioidentical thyroid replacement, as well as high quality nutriceutical products, such as supplemental Iodide with Selenium, DIM, Vitamin ADK, Omega-3s, Probiotics, and Evening Primrose Oil.

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